A childish version of Mario karts gone wrong.

User Rating: 6.5 | MySims Racing DS
I was very disappointed with this. Simply put, I expected a lot more story depth. Fine, racing it is. Unlocking different race tracks after completing other races. Instead of winning trophies, you receive blue prints and essence coins. The blue prints are used to upgrade and decorate your kart. The overall objective is to complete all the races and get the best, fastest and best handling car possible.
I do like the jobs you have to do to get more essence coins from civilians. Some are times which makes it more of a challenge, if you have one collision with a path or other person on the road you will end up running out of time.
I would have liked to see a proper long story to it, rather than saying, race and win. Like something that tied everything together and larger missions in between race tracks.
My sims has the star 'bar' which you have to fill up and level up. Racing still has this. 5 stars in total. The this is, it feels like the developers got bored of putting the game together as when you get to the 4th star, you think 'oh yeah, loads more races left until the last star' but really, and disappointingly, it was 1 race. It all seemed a bit pointless and short lived.