One of the most beautiful games on Wii

User Rating: 9 | Oboro Muramasa WII
In fact,it's so pretty,you could almost buy the game only for the game's presentation.Almost.

Sweet graphics,Highly immersive and fitting music,cool characters...

The game in itself is awesome.While it's kinda easy on Musou Difficulty,the real challenge is either Shura or Shigurui Difficulty.You have 2 different stories and completing the two unlocks new area and weapons!So even when you finish both character's story,you
still have plenty to do and even at max level,there's still challenging fights

Another major point are the boss fights,which are wicked awesome.Who doesn't love to fight huge Nightmare Fuel bosses?Heck,even some mooks are Nightmare Fuel.Also,you can switch between 108 different blades.This game's gameplay is awesome and the fight are really epic,especially with music

So if you have a Wii and like 2D,Nice action or just Japanese Foklore,you should really get this beautiful game

+Fascinating 2D aesthetics
+Great,atmospheric soundtrack
+Dramatic boss fights
+108 swords,each with different skills!

-There's hardly any gameplay differences between Kisuke and Momohime (especially post-game)