Mount and Blade, an instant classic.

User Rating: 8.5 | Mount & Blade PC
Mount and Blade is probably one of the most unique and innovative games out there that brings something new to the table unlike the cliche genres with the same formula. It creates a fictional world based in medieval times where you are set with a back story you've created and let loose to influence what may ever happen during the course of the game. It has RPG elements as well as strategy and even a third person perspective of your character. You can be a knight gather a band of warriors from villages or become a mercenary to a King and aid him during his battles when warring with other factions or even ransack caravans and castles. Now everything may sound brilliant and fun but there are some drawbacks to Mount and Blade.

Mount and Blade does has dated graphics which may ruin the experience for some but not for most. I personally enjoy some good graphical detail in my games but I'll make the exception when it comes to Mount and Blade. Also, it can be a bit buggy from time to time such as when you draw your arrow on horse back and you turn to face your target too much on one side or the other you loose your targeting reticule and can't seem to regain control and end up loosing an arrow. There also lacks a multiplayer mode which would have been a great addition to the game. But there is so much good to this game it outweighs the bad.

Epic battles, the sound of swords and arrows landing a hit on armored flesh, the grand charge of cavalry at a single command given by you. It's thrilling for any medieval enthusiast to experience what Mount and Blade has to offer. Which draws my conclusion of Mount and Blade.

Give the game a go. See how you like it! It's an aquired taste for more refined gamers out there who are looking for something different from the same ol' drab of games being pumped out of the works. The demo is free and the game is worth the price for it. How will you influence Calradia?