A Solid Game with a low budget.

User Rating: 9 | Mount & Blade PC
This was a very good game in My Opinion. I find it under appreciated mainly because it is a Indy game and not a high budget game. The game is easy to spend mass amounts of time in with a good leveling system and huge amounts of content. While the missions can have repetitiveness that is not where I find my fun. I found my fun in choosing a faction. Looting Villages and making my Army stronger. I suggested this game to many people and many also bought it and found it to be fun. I am disappointed that the Gamespot review is so shortsighted. They Obviously didn't spend much time in it.
My final summary of the game is that it is a worth paying for game that is solid and for its price of 20$ is a buy. While many people may criticize it for having low budget graphics it is a ambitious game that in my opinion was a pure sucess.