Motor Toons Grand Prix is a goofy racing experience and is great for the kids.

User Rating: 8.2 | Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 PS
Motor Toons Grand Prix is a very enjoyable racing game that combines combat, humour, and just plain fun for young and old gamers alike. Motor Toon offers solid gameplay and though it may not look and sound as good as other racers, it offers gameplay that other racing games will have a tough time to match.

Motor Toon Grand Prix is directed towards the kids, the characters that you can race as are very chartoony but very likeably at the same time. The envirnments that you can race in are very sharp looking. The developers used their imaginations while making the levels and made some really neat level designs. While you are racing you can use powerups that can go to your advantage or your disadvantage. You can get abilites that let you throw a bomb behind you and hit an opponent, you can also use a powerup to make your racer bigger. That's only 2 of the many powerups that you can find while racing on a track. A problem is that this game is insanely easy, older gamers will breeze through this game. I guess since this game is directed towards kids that the developers kind of needed to make it easy. This game does have some problems though, there is no split screen multiplayer which would've really made this game enjoyable. The control in this game is also very good, you use a couple of buttons and even the youngest of gamers will find this game very easy to pick up and play.

Motor Toon Grand Prix is simply a very fun and enjoyable racing game. It offers very fun gameplay, sharp looking graphics, and an all around great racing experience. Motor Toons Grand Prix is a goofy racing experience and is great for the kids.