Motor Toon Grand Prix is a good game for kids but still isnt enough to totally go nuts about.

User Rating: 7.1 | Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 PS
Don't get me wrong. This game is quite fun for kids under 7 but could bore you to death after you beat the grand prix. Since the Grand Prix mode is only 5 TRACKS this won't last too long but does have good designed tracks though. The veriety of cars actually quite nice and there is just enough cars to enjoy. With 3 more types of cars to unlock this is will not displease. Now lets talk about the ripoff two player system. This is where the whole game has it's rating going down by alote. The two player system is a total drag and a stupid way to play against you friends and is definetaly not worth it. Instead of simply pluging a control into the PS one system and playing split screen you have to ask your friend to bring his TV and his PS one system along with the copy of the game and a link cable. NOW THAT SUCKS!!! Now that we have cleared through almost everything it's time to talk about the 2 final topics, the graphics and the challenge. The graphics are quite decent for the PS one and for the fact that this is a 1996 game. The challenge is way to east . I mean it's almost imposible to lose, but that could be changed since you have the option to change the skill level. Which all adds up to a fun game to enjoy. Happy gaming.

By. Michael MIchaelides.....