Way better than the first.

User Rating: 9 | MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 2 XBOX
WOW WOW WOW! I couldnt say it better myself Gamespot! That was a great review. And i gotta tell u i totally agree! Moto GP has improved so much since the 1st one. Its phenominal!

First of all, the graphics. Their amazing! The polygons have so much impact on how them dang racers and bikes and the environments look like! But dang! So realistic! Looks better than the first. Not as shaky u know?

Second, the music. Just like the 1st u can play ur own soundtracks! Still lovin it! And the main songs on the game still sound kool too.

Third, the racing. The controls are a lot better now. They feel more comfortable. And i dont have to use the break as much...I like it. And the fact that the girls when u start the race are hotter. =)

4th, the replays. The replays in the first game was kool, but we all like this one better. U can add effects and stuff and pause and slow and just mess around with it!

5th, the game modes. Just like the first u can train, quick race, grand prix, and even edit the game modes to how u see fit.

And lastly, the crashes are still funny. I love popping wheelies and hitting other racers. Its just hilarious!

Well i guess thats pretty much it! The game has improved so much. And i love it. Im giving the 2nd one, a 9 out of 10.