Talk about Hours and Hours of Fun

User Rating: 9.8 | MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 2 XBOX
The Funny thing about this game and me I bought it by chance. I have always been a fan of racing games. and when i was at bestbuy, i saw this and the cover interested me, i never played a motorcycle game. So i bought it, and i have never been in Love with a game like this. This game will keep you playing for hours. Matter of fact YEARS. I have played this game for over 3 yrs. Just playing it by itself is great, but when you go on Xbox live, that is a another thing. Now the game is hard, and it takes a while to learn but when you get it is great. This game is fun, specially if you are a fan of racing games. NOw back to xbox live, one thing about the motogp xbox live community they are great and nice people. On other games like Halo 2, you meeet a lot of rude and cruel people. On moto i have met very few who are annoying or disrespectful, so when you play you will play with a lot of cool people. Now talk about challenging yourself and others. Your rank is set up by your times on the tracks, the better the time the better the rank. Now you can look at your friends times, and see how much better are they thne you. So if a second faster sounds easy to you, See when you try to get a second faster on your time. IF you love racing games this will be a classsic. It will take time it get used to and remember the tracks but when you do it will be years of fun.