This has to be the most perfect racer ever. I have never played a better, and it is great. Read my review and try it out

User Rating: 10 | MotoGP 08 PC
Best of the series. Why? Great graphics, sound, fun opponents, and levels for any beginner, legendary, medium, any player! For a computer though, do not use simulation and arrows keys. You have to buy a controller from radioshack, or else you will loose it every single turn. There are a few glitches in this game, like the flying head glitch during crashes, can get a little annoying. The crashes are good, but arent always what they should be. Sometimes you can come in really fast, and it will act like it came in at 60 mph. Sometimes you come in at 60mph and it acts like you came in 150 mph.

The racing is great! All your rider from each class, leaves an unforgettable expierince..

Have to say its the greatest. You can see the bikes a little off the ground sometimes if you are in the cockpit, and really low to the guys tires, you can see the motorcycle floating. But who cares, only if you get REALLY close.

The wipeouts can get annoying in motogp class because the bikes are so fast and heavy, that if you dont come around a turn fast enough, you will crash it out.