superb graphics + stupid sound = no fun to play

User Rating: 6.5 | MotoGP 08 PC
The graphics are very nice and the phisics and controls feel realistic but the sound is horrible; it is a pitty that such a good game has such a non realistic sound; also bikes crashes feel real but not quite - I have the feeling that the bike is made of plastic and not metal; it just bounces of the ground like a feather; so if you turn of the sound it is a very nice game; in game cameras are eye catching and breath taking at least when you do 200 mph ! It is a game which I recomend you play when you visit your friends but i don't think it is worth the money except if you are a fan of the series ! At other hand the numerous tracks and tournaments will offer you many hours of gameplay so maybe it is worth buying it; it depends if you are fan of racing games and especially bikes, otherwise go buy the new need for speed undercover, you will be much more pleesed of your choise to spend your money;