User Rating: 8 | Mortal Kombat Trilogy PS
In Mortal Kombat Trilogy you play as fighters who kill each other in a effort to win a tournament. You can play up to thirty two characters plus four classic characters. You use devastating combos and bloody, puke inducing, finishing moves on your enemies. The star of combat is the finishing moves, each character has one of there own which they get the chance to use at the very end of the fight when the enemy unconscious. There are four different game modes to play, first there is tournament where you choose your tower and character and then fight a different character each time until you complete the final character or die. Then theirs instant fight where you can just start a fight with your choice of rules. Then theirs another type of tournament where you choose eight characters and fight one on one until the final battle. Then theirs a slide scroller where you play as Sub-zero and fight clones of that guy with the knifes on his hands. This game is very fun and is totally worth buying.