Huge value in this game. I have 100+ hours of game play and I still am looking forward to doing more.

User Rating: 9.5 | Monster Hunter 3G 3DS
I asked my wife to play Monster Hunter Ultimate on the Wii U for 10 hours before judging it. She is the type that hated any game that had used two analog sticks. And she wasn't convinced she'd like this game. The demo was kind of awful on the Wii U store. Needless to say, she's an addict now.

The game doesn't have the best tutorials, but I am an expert Monster Hunter 2 player. So I had to coach her for the first 5 hours.

I created a Monster, Monster Hunter out of her and I had to buy the 3DS version so I could play my own game. This was the game that made her take the step from casual to hardcore gamer. That's really saying something.

This game is awesome because it fulfills my all my play styles. When I want to take it easy, I can just collect materials and enjoy the environment. I can play for 5-15 minutes and feel like I did something. But I want a challenge I can always step it up and kill some big monster that could take up to 50 minutes. Killing big monsters CAN be super hard, so hard you will want to break something if you lose. At the same time, that's why it feels so great when you beat the big monster for the first time.

When you get sick of doing things on your own, just plain stuck. There is massive content meant to be enjoyed with others online or locally. There is always something better to chase after. Better armor, ore, monsters. And the way the new content is structured, it recycles old stages saving them from being wasted as levels that are useless to you.

Gamespot states the controls are awful under water without the "circle pad pro" ds addon controller. I'll admit it takes a few hours to get used to, but i can easily control my character with the virtual stick and have zero problems. I literally don't have any problems with it, and never find it an obstacle to enjoying the game. I think the reviewer just didn't take enough time to train themselves on a new control system. not all control systems have to be the same as existing ones to be good.

I give this game a near perfect score because there is SO MUCH CONTENT on this game, one can't even fathom the amount of work Capcom put into this total. Its absolutely amazing. I feel so lucky to be able to play this game in the U.S. on my 3DS. This game is completely what they envisioned it to be, its polished on every level. Its executed nearly perfected. This game pushed the 3DS to its limits as far as graphics and content. (although text is still a bit fuzzy, but its the 3ds limitations).

Monster Hunter Ultimate gives so much fun for the money.its crazy not to buy this game if you are even thinking about it. Just give it 10 hours before you judge it and maybe have a friend help you play or just do a lot of internet searches if you get stuck. It really is worth it.

The reason this game isn't perfect is lack of online play for the 3DS and the tutorials (while decent) don't do a good job at pulling you completely into the game. the only reason I state the difficulty as "hard" and not "just right" is because of the mediocre to sub-par tutorial system. You gotta give it credit though, it really does try.

There is a way to play the 3Ds on the internet, but its so awkward, you might as well just buy it and play it for the Wii U because you need your Wii U always on (without a game running) to do it and an extra piece of network hardware.
I am very happy they provided tools to crossplay with the Wii U, even though its kind of a backdoor tool set they provide you to do this with.

Don't judge this game on the Wii U demo. There is so much more to it, there is a use for every item you get in the game. You can do things like gardening with cats, collect mushrooms, pet your pig, build armor/weapons out of monster parts..not just kill monsters like the demo.

Overall. This game is super deep and worth the journey of learning it. My wife and are both over 100+ hours and now can't wait to come home from work and fight monsters together.