Mompoly Steets is way better than the reviewers of this site say it is. Obviously they don't like board games.

User Rating: 9 | Monopoly Streets X360
If You Ask me Monopoly streets is a great game. I'm a HUGE monoploy fan I've been collecting the actuall board games in there many editions and variation for years. Sadly the public that they are maketing this to does not like board games as much as past generations. The biggest complaint about this game is that it takes to long to play a match. That''s being consistant with the source material. And that's another thing, why do people always moan about the length of a monopoly game anyway. Who in there right mind would want to have fun for hours on and anyway. : / I'd go as far to say this game is better than many edition of the actual game. The Themed 3-D ineractive environments really take Monopoly to the next level. My Only complaint is that ther are only 3-D boards to choose from. That may change when the downloadable content finally arives so i'm holding out hope.