Great idea, a sport sim on the console but with poor statistical data and bad gameplay makes this a title to avoid.

User Rating: 4 | MLB Front Office Manager X360
First off, I love baseball sims, I have had baseball sims on my commodore 64 where I used to enter stats from old baseball teams and play seasons with these teams. I have recently played Baseball Mogul where I find this a worthy game. When I heard 2k was creating a this game I got very excited.

I was excited to get right in the off season. Minor flaws in menus are annoying to a point. But what you would think is the most important part of the game is playing a baseball game with your team. In my first game my starter pitched 7 great innings and I took him out of the game leading 4-2. My new pitcher came in, gave up a 2 run homer and in the 9th inning we gave up another run and lost the game. Problem is, the starter got the loss!!! How the heck do they make a game and can't get a simple stat like that right????? There was also several points when the ball was thrown into 2nd base and the fielder never tug the batter out and was allowed to walk in safely. There is just really no excuses for problems like this. Also when doing draft I wish the player selection was a little better.