If you're tired of accomplishing things or you're looking for a lesson in futility then this is your game.

User Rating: 2 | MLB Front Office Manager X360
2K is at it again. Squandering a fantastic opportunity to create a new revenue stream through a seemingly easy to create franchise of games. Like their criminal treatment of their much maligned Major League Baseball series, MLB Front Office Manager is so shoddily put together it makes made for TV Sci-Fi movies look like Oscar shoe-ins.

The gamespot reviewer is spot-on in his assessment of the game although I feel he's being a little too generous. The menu navigation for this game borderlines on insane. Let me offer an example.

One of your players is now ready to move from the DL to the active roster.

After exiting your email screen, because there's no link in the email to the DL list, you open your roster sub-menu. From the roster sub-menu click on Disable List. This new screen shows that your player is now ready to return to his team. You click on him and a new screen asks you if you're ready to move him off. You click yes and bam you're suddenly hit with an error that says something about not being a spot on the roster for this player. This is the crux of the problem. Obviously someone had to take that spot while the regular player recovered, but now you're ready to put your guy back where he belongs. Now, why someone at 2K didn't think to themselves "hey, let's make it easier to bring someone off the DL by automatically allowing the user to choose which player to demote so as to make space for the returning player."

Nope. Instead you have to back out to the main-menu. Open your Transaction sub-menu, click on the call-ups, send-down option and from there you can move your called-up player back to his original team so as to clear room for your DL guy. Whoops, can't do that because someone has taken your place in the minor leagues. So now you have to remove some random player (because they don't tell you who it was that took that guy's place so you have little to no idea who got promoted). Now you have to shuffle the minors so you can drop your player and then place your DL major leaguer back where he belongs. Of course once the space is open you then have to navigate back to the main menu, the roster sub-menu, then to the Disabled List screen and there you can finally add them to the major league roster.

Don't forget that you have to rework your lineups or pitching rotation based on the type of player coming back.

If reading that description was miserable, try having to perform it ten times a season. You will go batty. I promise.

The worst part is that's probably the most straightforward, easy to follow action that needs to be performed in order to be successful in this "game". Salvation for this franchise may come one day but not before 2K loses it's licensing rights to Major League Baseball.