Decent simulation but not a baseball game.

User Rating: 5 | MLB Front Office Manager X360
First thing that must be said about this game is that its not a baseball game. Now I know you are looking at this game and say whatttt.. yes its not a baseball game. Its more of a strategy simulation based on baseball. You play a gm of a baseball team and you get to control the team. Even down to the minor leagues. This can be rather trying because you really do not know the minor league guys and it can be rather time consuming dealing with every roster making changes and such. Lets start with the good parts of this game. There are a LOT of major/minor league players in this game. You get to control the various aspects of your team. Now comes the bad things. You do not control the actual game play. You manage and get to tell your players basic things like steal hit but you cannot control any aspect. You just sit there and watch your pitchers walk many many batters or your hitters just keep striking out. Another annoying aspect of this game is for some reason the game will suddenly change your line ups. You set up your major league line up try to manage the game and all of a sudden the line up is not what you chose. Another frustrating aspect of this game is that random teams will just release a superstar for no reason at all. That takes away from the realism of the game. It could be the middle of the season and the red sox will release david ortiz. Anybody who knows anything about baseball knows that this would not happen at all. When a guy gets hurt and then you try to put him back on your major league roster is becomes very difficult. Manuevering players from minor and major league line ups is very annoying and takes away from the game. Graphics are nice with different players pitching styles and hitting styles. This game more then anything can become addictive if you give it a chance. Its not a very good game unless you like simulations.