If you love cars then this game is for you...

User Rating: 9 | Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition PSP
Midnight club 3 dub edition is just one amazing game,with a large choice of cars e.g (tuners,exotics,muscle,cop cars,bikes,and more...
you will be racing in San Diego,Atlanta and Detroit.heres a list of some of the best cars,
Mclaren F1
Four twelve
Lamborghini Mercialago
Lamborghini gallardo
Cadillac CIEN
Saleen S7
Porsche Gembella
And much more...
Also there is one bad thing about this game,its when the cops chase you,they don't do anything they just keep on chasing you and even if you stop,they just wait next to your car and wait for you to start driving again,they don't even try to ram you of the road,and they don't use anything like spikes or something like that to stop you,but its still one awesome game,with different,different types of races.So as its an excellent game this is why i rated it 10/10.