Very Good Racing Game for the PSP

User Rating: 9.2 | Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition PSP
I just got this game for the PSP having low expectations not knowing this is one of better PSP games made to date. I enjoyed playing this game for many reasons its fast addicting gameplay, the great graphics, and the awesome in depth ride customizing options. This game has Many Pros but only a few cons to it let me give you a list of what I thought were some pros and cons of this game.

- Great Graphics For PSP standards.
- Easy to Use Controls.
- Gameplay is strongly addictive.
- Great Ride Customizing Options
- Story is Just Like Xbox and PS2 version
- Great blur effect
-WiFi is super fun

- Slow loading times
- Slow saving times

In my opinion this is the best Car racing game for the PSP to date this game is better than Need For Speed Underground Rivals, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Burnout Legends or any other racing game made for the PSP