'As real as it gets!' Er, OK...

User Rating: 4 | Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95 PC
'As real as it get's!' is what it says on the box. At the time this game probably was as realistic as Microsoft could make it I suppose. Maybe my 4/10 score isnt really fair but this game is just so unrealistic and since other flight sims like Flight Unlimited were so much better I think it deserves the mark.

OK im not really into Flight Simulators much anyway but since I am a big PC gamer I thought I should do a flight sim review as they are only really available on PC's. There is a decent amount of planes to fly here and they all fly differently but the controls are just clumsy and if you tap the control keys the plane swerves and usually you end up crashing. Ah, crashing. When you crash on this game you see a clip from the outside of the plane and it doesnt explode, it just hits the ground and does a strange flip while staying in the same position. Nothing even falls off the plane when it crashes. What is up with that? And if you crash into a skyscraper the plane gets jammes in the side of the wall rather than hitting the building and exploding or hitting the building and falling to the ground.

One reason why this game is so unrealistic is...get ready...you can land on the sea and take off again. Yep, with any plane (there isnt even one of those planes that can land on water), even a huge jumbo jet you can still do it. If you crash into the sea, the plane doesnt sink, it just does exactly what it does on land and says 'Splash!'. Also, I flew over San Fransico and tries to crash into the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz and nothing happens! You just go straight through and carry on! The land is all 2D with a few odd 3D skyscrapers and hills.

The only good points about the game are varied amount of planes, the huge land to fly over and the sound effects. If your looking for a Flight Simulator game then GET ONE OF THE NEW ONES! Do not bother with this old one because it sucks!

+ Good amount of planes
+ Good sound

- Extremely unrealistic in every way
- Clumsy handling of planes
- Rubbish graphics
- You can land on the sea!