Could have been much better than expected, no atc. bad graphics, and hardly any traffic, and only 5 planes. Pathetic!

User Rating: 3.2 | Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95 PC
When i got this, i thought it was going to be fun with a lot of realism, the "as real as it gets" don't fit into this sim. If it had more planes, better graphics on the AI planes, and more AI planes than just the ones in Chicago Meigs field, this would have been much better. its also too easy physics as well. When i crashed the plane in the ground, only 2 out of the planes were able to shatter its parts on the ground, the Extra and the cessna, Could that also apply for the others? So if you ever see this game in stores still, don't buy it. Get somthing better like the Flight Simulator X. Thats much better than this.