Interesting game

User Rating: 8 | Metro: Last Light PS3

Metro is one of those games I've never heard about until sort of recently, I saw a guy on Youtube doing a walkthrough of the Metro that was just released on PS4 not too long ago, and decided to check this game out at my library, since it seemed like an interesting concept and I've always been into post apocalyptic games. For the most part Metro was a pretty interesting game divided between sneaking around killing enemy soldiers, to running around outdoor areas killing off monsters that rush you. As a shooter I really didn't find Metro to be too unique, it really feels like most FPS games feel, the ammo is pretty plentiful and aiming is precise. What really stands out about Metro is the atmosphere, you really do feel like you're in the middle of an apocalypse and the small things from wearing the gas masks to listening in on the side conversations while exploring new towns add to this. It's really the atmosphere that makes this game. Outside the atmosphere I guess I can't really say much about the game, it's good but not great in terms of gameplay and story. For gameplay you pretty much move from one place to another and I felt like Metro ended up getting a tad repetitive, and that's because I just felt like I was going from point a to point b, and most of the game consisted of sneaking or flanking enemy soldiers. My favorite part of the game were the outdoor areas fighting off the monsters, but these parts were few and I can only think of 3 or 4 times where you went outdoors in this game for more than a couple minutes. In terms of story it just feels like any other apocalypse, a bunch of opposing sides fighting each other off, mutated monsters, and the unique element to the game was the Dark One but the entire backstory had me a little lost, but then again I never played the other Metro game or read the books, so I won't criticize the story other than say it felt a bit cliche in terms of apocalyptic storytelling. The characters themselves didn't really stand out for me other than the main bad guy, but maybe that's because there are many characters in this and you constantly have a different partner during a mission.

In terms of graphics, this game is a tad behind, this feels like it's early PS3 era and considering this game came out around the same time as The Last of Us, you'd think the graphics could have been better. In terms of replay value, I'd say this game really doesn't have any. Sure you can do the different ending, but I didn't find the game to have much extra content outside the main story, it's really a game to play for the story and then to take it out every few years when you start to forget about the experience. Maybe I'm missing something but I personally just don't consider this to be anything above solid, it's an interesting idea, has a good atmosphere, and is far from generic, but it also doesn't stand out from other games in the same genre.


Good Atmosphere

Fun Outdoor Segments With Monsters

Interesting Main Villain

Variety Of Environments


Slightly Repetitive Objectives

Little To No Replay Value

Graphics A Bit Behind

Not Quite Enough Outdoor Segments

Having Partners For Some Missions Slightly Kills Atmosphere