S.T.A.L.K.E.R. meets Call of Duty

User Rating: 4 | Metro 2033 PC

This game was very disappointing. I thought I was going to get a good game. But I didn't. This game lacks redeeming qualities. My friend sent this through a Steam code as a gift before New Years.

The story is based off a book called Metro 2033 where in the future Russia has some kind of Radiation outbreak and it's all post apocalyptic. Now you live underground. Sounds cool huh? Sounds scary? Well, it's either one of those things.

The gameplay isn't very good, the game tries to mix First person shooting with RPG elements and Survival Horror elements. But those are dumb down and not very satisfactory at all. They are simple. Very simple. And laughable. You have regenerating health and no inventory. Or rather a simplistic inventory. You think you have limited ammo but like most scary games these days you have LOTS of ammo. The AI sucks, it doesn't let you fight. They shoot for you. They are scripted just like Call of Duty. The monsters may fight you but I am pretty sure the humans are just an obstacle like a turret. The game also features QuickTime events. Just like COD and Dragon's Lair. If a guy attacks you with a melee attack you better abuse your keyboard hitting E 1000 jillion times. Why does this game feature scripted events and third person cutscenes at the same time? I hate when FPS games do that. It makes no sense at all. The stealth isn't there. You walk into a room and you hit the cans. They don't really hear you. But they will attack you anyway. I guess they won't see you. You can't buy weapon's but that's really just it.

There is nothing for level design, I mean the game is just as linear as COD. It's on rails. There is nothing much to jump on.

The graphics are great! If you have a high end PC. If you have a low end PC too bad. It is very laggy and ruins the gameplay. If your computer can run Crysis than this game might be slightly more enjoyable but I would NOT recommend it. The graphics have that tessellation high res graphics so your game will look super perfect. I would only like to say that it is only good for the graphics.

The sound is atmospheric. There wasn't much music but the tunnel sounded great. The voice actors where stereotypical russians saying "Vallow me!" "Vallow me!" The SFX sounded well. Even if my game lagged like hell it sounded nice.

But, In conclusion. The game is very overrated. I mean, it's okay you liked it. It just seems like another stupid FPS game with tacked on nonsense. Don't buy it if you know what's good for you. If you want a real game get Stalker.