Great post apocalyptic shooter set in underground Moscow.

User Rating: 7 | Metro 2033 PC

Metro 2033 is a first person horror shooter based in wasteland Russia. Most of the tone of the game is setup in underground substations of ruined Moscow and parts that are above ground feel refreshing from the constant gloom of underground battles. In this game you play as Artyom, a character about whom the game doesn't reveal much information. The parts above ground, your each second is priceless as you can only be on surface for so long as your oxygen mask helps.

There is a superb sense of urgency as you come out into the open areas and fight enemies off while urgently trying to get into a more safer zone. The ammo system in Metro 2033 is almost as scarce as Dead Space. You fight alongside your faction to fend off other hostile underground factions as well as other creatures that the nuclear radioactive wastage has spawned.

Stealth approach in certain situations works out best when outnumbered by enemies who patrol different sections. You can get around sneaking or take the silent lethal take downs. However, there is nothing stopping you from going Rambo on them other than the fact that ammo is a scarce commodity is underground Moscow.