Battle Bots

User Rating: 9 | Metal Arms: Glitch in the System PS2
Here is another underated video game gem that I really love. This game is just great, I feel it's one of the best kind of run and gun shooters I've seen and played in a long time, doing them in 3-D can be hard sometimes but this game does it perfectly.

The story is nothing really special it's sort of the usual comic book/cartoon like storyline where you are an underdog miner robot named Glich that of course joins the resistance to fight against a Robot evil empire that have taken over your plannet. That's it simple, run and gun shooters were never really known for their plot anyway they were known for their gameplay in the not so simple task of getting from point A to B.

This game has enough of the right moving parts to make it truely work. From it's usual stuff, a grocery list arsonal of weapons, many unique enemies that are never in short supply, unique levels with chalanges,
solid controls along with solid gameplay, graphics that are actually pritty good, and it even has a really cool soundtrack that fits the game even the voice acting is good.

But there are three things about this game that truely make this game unique. For one things just the overall atmosphere and outlook of the game just has a animated fun and funny atmosphere to it. It's simliar to the atmosphere in two other run in gun games "Earthworm Jim" and "Vectorman". The game doesn't take itself entirely serious there is at times some humor to it mostly black humor whenever you shoot down some of the baddies they makes some girlish, painful, or even cowardly tones as if shooting them has reduced their masulenity to zero. Times like that you can't help but not keep a straight face or sometimes laugh.

Also there is that interface ability which is in parts of the game, where if you get a computer chip and incert it into an arcade cabnet. And you would have the ability to control an enimy and use their abilities against the others. And when you die you don't have to worry about your own life getting lost, even if you die as the enimy you can always come back to the arcade cabnet and play as another enemy.

And last but not least what really makes this game stands out is it's difficulty it's hard oh, damn is it hard. Due to the length of this game which is long, the enimy AI supprisingly sharp almost realistic, and certain oppsticles all to raise the stakes on us. But this doesn't make the game bad at all, it's part of what makes it great it's just one of those game where it will take a conciderable amount of practice just to pass one level or part of a level and thankfully there are checkpoints. It's basicaly your skill and tactical planing and fighting that will win, which makes passing each level/part of the game all the more rewarding and gradifing because you know it wasn't random luck (which is the usual case in most games) but your skill that got you that far.

Metal Arms has all of the right moving gears, nuts and bolts to make this an effeciantly working game.