I can't get past level 7! (Somebody help me)

User Rating: 8.6 | Metal Arms: Glitch in the System PS2
Before I even get started on this review, I would just like to say that the multiplayer is super wicked awesome and is way better than the campaign mode. On with the review. The only reason I play the campaign is so that I can unlock new multiplayer levels and weapons. This title is a futuristic robot shooter in which you play as a little robot named Glitch. He was found by robot soldiers in a totally destroyed city and is brought to the army or something like that, and is unpleasantly awoken by Colonel Alloy and a potty-mouthing mechanic named Krunk. Colonel Alloy wants you to help the droids fight General Corrosive and his evil army of milbots that have recently taken over droid citys and just causing trouble. There's the storyline for you. This game's combat system reminds me of Ratchet and Clank's. There are lots of weapons to choose from here and I love using all of them. In the campaign, you have to buy weapons, which are very expensive, from strange robot merchants who call themselves "Shady and Mr.Pockets." These weapons can be used to take out the mils. The AI in this game is pretty good, but that just makes it more of a challenge. There are some lags in this game if there are too many enemies on the screen. I like how it lets you hack into other robots and control a mil titan to betray his friends. The sound and graphics kind of suck in this game, depending on if you have Metal Arms on the PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube. The gameplay is very solid and fast-paced, and you will get killed very quickly, no matter what difficulty you have it on. Overall, this is a very fun title that you should play with your friends in your spare time when you are not sleeping or playing World of Warcraft. Forget the single-player campaign and get straight to the multiplayer. IT IS UNFREAKIN' BELIEVEABLE!!!!!!