An alright remake of the classic Medievil, though did they go down hill with it?

User Rating: 8 | MediEvil: Resurrection PSP
Ignore GameSpots rating, its quite low for a remake of the game, the first Medievil was a very amazing game, this one follows the same plot, though if you were use to the gameplay system and the layouts of the levels, this will be interesting for you, the maps are all re-done, but you can still tell they were remakes of the classic games maps, and the way the gameplay is done is the camera now follows behind Dan rather then somewhat in front of him.

Now to the part where I talk about the things that I don't like and what was improved. Well the first thing I didn't like was that they made it more child friendly, not in the sence of less violence, but that the whole game is goofy rather then a gothic Medievil adventure. Plus fighting can be a little more of a pain, when ever you try and fight your most likley to take some damage, as in the first game there was some way to avoid it, but you still have a shield which is very good. Now the good things, the graphics make up for about 60% of the bad things in this game, seeing the classic game with a new finish kinda makes me a little more pleased with this game, plus there is now multiplay, personaly I havent tried playing multiplayer yet, but there are now Mini-games to play when you get to the Gallomere Plains. Things like Crossbow shootouts, Weaponmaster, and many more, now these games were a nice little tweek to the game and arnt really that bad.

Overall this game is still very fun, but rather then get this game I would suggest buying the original from the Playstation Store for $5.99