Medievil: Ressurection is a very underated game.It is the best action adventure for the PSP.

User Rating: 8.9 | MediEvil: Resurrection PSP
MR has such a great presentation. The characters are memorable, the voice acting and the cut scenes are outstanding for a PSP game and the plot itself is absolutely hilarious and sinister t the same time. The graphics are very good, the sky looks amazing. Characters are detailed and have a distinct dark cartoon style. The orchestral score is fabulous, it gives the game a great atmosphere. The gamesplay is good too but it gets boring if you play for hours at a time, but if you are the tipe of gamer on the run like me, it is fun and entertaining.
I recommend Medievil to everyone, it has gave me countless hours of sheer fun and it will stay in my PSP library for a long time. Waiting for the sequel.