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MediEvil: Resurrection Cheats For PSP

  1. Become Invincible

    Catch on fire near the end of a level and when you have 1 HP left run through the exit portal. Next time you enter a level your health bar should be at 0 and you cannot take any damage. The best level to do this in is Return to sleeping Village. The boiler guards at the end can catch you on fire quite easily.

    Contributed by: jimbo the monkey 

  2. Cheat Menu:

    Pause the game, simultaneously press and hold R, then press down, up, square, triangle, triangle, circle, down, up, and then simultaneously press square and triangle. (if you entered the cheat correctly, cheats will be selectable at the pause menu screen).

    Contributed by: triplehrules 

  3. Woden's Brand

    The Woden's Brand is the most powerful sword in the game. It can kill a Shadow Demon in just two hits! Here's how you get it. You must get a gold medal in all challenges in all mini-games. Once you have all 8 tokens, go to the shop Gargoyle in the middle of the first area of gallowmere plains (i'm not sure if you can get it from other shop Gargoyles) and exchange your 8 tolkens for the all powerful Woden's Brand.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Earn all 8 tolkens after completing every mini game challenge with a gold medal Woden's Brand

    Contributed by: Scar_vice 

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