Best RTS ever , that's for sure....i can only wait for the expansions...i'm sure there can be many.

User Rating: 9.5 | Medieval II: Total War PC
The game started on the wrong foot with all the flaws and bugs...but after the 1.1 patch it became the greatest Total War . I miss only the variety of units from the first Medieval and the music&general's speeches from Rome , but Medieval 2 makes out in graphics and game-play. The City - Castle organization is much to my taste , as I go for the economics much more than warfare. Rome (except playing the Greeks maybe) was based more on warfare , weakening financially an enemy was preeetty hard , but Medieval 2 gives me the chance to make them go from rich to beggars in a few moves , and then wipe the floor with them.
What i don't like about the game is the fact that they lied about the number of factions and that some important ones are missing and some weak ones exist : Milan was just a minor city-state and Genoa was a real power, Hungary was just a bunch of small tribes while the defenders of Europe : the Wallah, Moldavia and Tepes's(Dracula later) Transylvania who's stopped the ottomans&turks from invading Europe; Burgundy is also missing as an independent kingdom, Ireland as a struggling primitive nation , Kiev , or even the untrustworthy Bulgarians. Everything else is close to perfect !!!