Oh Sweet mother of all things good and Holy!! Creative Assembly... all I can say is thank you.

User Rating: 9.4 | Medieval II: Total War PC
Right, five hours in and I'm on crusade, seven hours in and my crusade is no more thanks to a pesky inquisitor, twelve hours in and I'm debating whether or not to take on the pope as well as trying to defend my borders from the Scots, French and an invading Holy Roman Empire. In short, I'm screwed... but I don't mind... and this is why....

Well I never thought anything would stand up to the test of Rome, which holds the record for length installed on my PC at 2 and a bit years, but this is better. That's simplifying it a little bit, it's more complex, it has more avenues of growth and it has a certain enjoyable side that I think only comes with the medieval period. There's something about the charging of two hundred horsemen into the flank of an enemy army that words can't quite describe... some kind of beauty. Ok maybe I'm weird... well yes I am weird but meh what the hey, this game kicks ass, that said, only providing you have a system that's up to the challenge. Although playable on most set ups in order to make the most of this game you need to have a pretty good system. Anyway, the game modes haven't changed much since Rome, the world map is pretty much the same and the overall look and feel of the strategy map remains unchanged. The reason I believe this game takes the series to the next level is the amount of extra content that has been included, not only on the battle maps but on the strategic map too, offering a wider range of means to subvert your enemy's economy or strength. I've waited two years for this game, ever since Rome. I was hoping that the next in the series would be a Napoleonic era game but I am in no way disappointed, in fact I'm amazed Creative Assembly have managed to make a game that seems so familiar yet remains different with it's own original twists. If you loved Rome you'll have some sort of joyous breakdown with Medieval Two.