An Epic And Unforgettable Gaming Yarn.

User Rating: 8 | Max Payne XBOX

If I had to say only a few words that could describe Max Payne they would be, rich, haunting and unforgettable. To be honest it's been a long time since I played Max Payne, but the memories are so rich in my brain that I can vividly recall pretty much every part of it. Some of the best gaming moments I had where Max Payne, for example the opening train station chapter, it's one of the best openings in gaming history, it really sets the mood and gets the player enraptured in what's going on. there are many memorable moments in this game and they are not few and far between, they are often and very close to one another. One thing I really love about this game is the snowy setting, it adds to the flavor of the game as well as the atmosphere, building a beautiful and transporting world. I love the "bullit time" in this game as well, it really is a fun and unique counterpart, you'll have so much fun using it that you will exploit it just for thrills and joy. And the score, now Max Payne would be missing something special without its score, it's part of what makes the game so memorable. the main theme score itself is one of gaming's best. Before I finish my review I would like to say that, all in all, I think Max Payne is a very well done game with only a few minor issues, nothing that'll bother you to much, if at all, and is a master work in emotional story telling that really does make the player care for it's main hero. Overall, if you love a rich, well done gaming yarn than Max Payne is a must play, hold on a minute, scratch that, an absolute must own.