Gives you the best of both worlds.

User Rating: 8.5 | Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (Modem Pack) PS2

The gameplay is like any tag battle game; pick 3 people and go beat up some fighters. The game is simple to pick up and the selection of characters is really cool. Special moves are really easy to execute and the fighting has never been this fun. Overall, the gameplay rocks. The only downside is how annoying the last boss can be. 9/10

The graphics are not bad for 2D game. The enviroments look nice but the colors are nothing special. Character models look ok and the screen is easy to read. Attacks look nice. 7/10

Sounds are nothing special in this game. I didn't really like the sound effects or the background music. The only decent music was the select screen music but the sound effects sucked. The sound is totaly missed for this game. 3/10

The game is hard to get today so try to pick up a copy today. People who like 2D fighting games will really like this game a lot. Overall, the game is worth getting. 9/10