I got bored... D=

User Rating: 6 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PS2
When you pick up this game, it looks promising. "Hey all those marvel characters in one game, awesome." To tell the truth, it is yet isn't. Ultimate alliance as you can probably tell from "ultimate," has a lot of characters from the marvel universe to choose from. This varies from Spider Man and Wolverine to Elecktra and Ghost Rider.

Looking at what this game could have been and what it is, make me sad. They could have added a free roam sense to the levels... Instead, your stuck with roaming through levels and dispatching anything or everything in your site. Sounds fun? No... It's not really. At least from my perspective. If they just added more free roam into the game then it would have been awesome. [Nut it doesn't.]


The game-play is alright... Like I've said... 2 or 3 times already they need more freeness to the game. It's a chore to play... Considering back now that it was a release game for the wii... I guess it was expected to have flaws... But for the other systems? You decide.


The graphics are pretty good. I would've like to have seen more of a destroying enviroment. But well you get what you get.


I guess if you really like marvel you should get this game... Although don't make your expectations to high.