Huge selection of heroes, each lots of different gainable powers. I'm not a fan of this style of game but It was fun!

User Rating: 8 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PS2
Storyline: 8 - Interesting story, not one you would typically not see from Marvel.
Graphics/Physics: 8.5 - Graphics were very good for this style of game, shading and lighting were tip top.
Sound: 7.5 - Alright sound, some of the commentary by characters is somewhat lame but sometimes very comical.
Environment/Maps: 7 - Maps were alright throughout the game, nothing too difficult to figure out puzzle wise. It was annoying that the tips would re-appear everytime you walked by the area they were assigned too, this should have been fixed.
Game Engine/Scripting: 8.5 - Development did a great job on this game and I could find very few flaws in the scripting. I will definately play the next game that this development team makes.
Interface: 9 - Default controls are very confusing on the PC, but with a little tweaking it's very easy. Other systems controls were much easier to learn. Huge selection of heroes to play from and many many villians to fight. Leveling was a cool feature due to the powers you advance or gain.

Overall: 8 - Huge selection of heroes and with each lots of different gainable powers. I'm not a big fan of this style of game but It proved to be fun for hours. Definately worth playing or at least trying out.