DK's back, and, with the help of some tiny toys, Mario sets out to save Paulina again.

User Rating: 9.5 | Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis DS
March of the Minis follows Mario chasing DK through a new theme park, "Super Mini Mario World" ,since the toys were such a hit. The game is totally touch controlled, slide the stylus over a Mini to make him move or jump, and tap him to make him stop.

There are three types of levels in the game. There are the main levels, which have you maneuver your Minis through mini DKs, Shy Guys, and even Piranha Plants, to make it to the goal. You get a bonus for making the toys go in the door in rapid succession, and you may even get a bigger bonus somehow. There are little gadgets in the levels, but I don't have space to tell of them all.

Then there are the mini game levels, one in each world, which are unlocked by collecting all the cards in the levels of that world, M, I, N, I, M, A, R, I, O. These levels have you bop mini shy guys that pop out of tubes.

Lastly, the boss levels have you shoot all the mini marios that you got through the levels at DK, who is causing more mischief. He'll throw down objects to stop your mini half-way up the screen.

March of the Minis is a great game, with wireless letting you send levels you have created to friends, and the addicting levels. Great game for all ages!