The mini Mario army comes in action again.

User Rating: 7 | Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis DS
Mario vs Donkey Kong 2 March of the minis is a great sequel to the actual Mario vs Donkey Kong game. The gameplay is simple, yet entertaining. It fixates totally on solving puzzles, and though it isn't anything mind blowing or incredibly imaginative, it's just pure fun, even with the laughable difficulty.

Mario vs Donkey Kong 2 is a great sequel.
Thanks to the touchscreen you can now control your little Mario's by tipping on them on the touchscreen, which works great, It's easier now because of the touchscreen to control your Mario's and you have an overall better overview of the puzzles.
Speaking about puzzles, they are very well designed and pretty entertaining. There isn't anything incredible to them, and the obstacles you encounter are pretty unimaginative, but that doesn't count because you just get sucked into solving every puzzle. And there are some clever ways to solve the puzzles.
However, most of them are to easy. Here and there you'll find a level that is quite challenge, but the average of the puzzles are easy.
They are also very predictable most of the time, because the solutions of each puzzle aren't anything mind blowing.

There are 7 sections with each 9 levels and a boss battle with the mighty Donkey Kong.
I'll be honest though: as fun as the levels where, most of the boss battles with Donkey Kong where only mediocre. The challenge was alright, but they just wheren't designed very interesting.
The final battle is one of the exceptions, though.

My final complaint is that the games length is to short. You'll probably finish the main game in like a few hours.

Even with some of those issues, the game is still superbly fun. This is only a shallow review of Mario vs Donkey Kong 2, because I didn't really play the game to intensive, but overall I am pretty safe to say that this DS game is probably worth a buy for every puzzle game fan.
The game is simple though entertaining, and the levels, though on the easy side, are pure enjoyment.
On top of that there is a level editor with which you can create your own levels, it's pretty fun just toying around with your Mini Marios on your own created levels.
The whole game is tied up good with the nice visuals and cheesy soundtrack.
Overall, give this game at least a try, it might just be a worthy puzzle game for you.

+ well designed levels that are varied
+ nice use of the touchscreen
+ level editor adds length
+ neat visuals

- the adventure is very short
- some levels are laughable easy
- the controls don't always respond right
- mediocre boss fights

Review Score: 7/10