Who would've known moving Mini Marios' would make such a fun game?

User Rating: 8.5 | Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis DS
It all starts out when Pauline is on the stage and Mario is about to cut the ribbon. Mario shows her a wind-up toy of him, but Donkey Kong shows her a wind-up toy of him also! Pauline chooses the Mario one, then DK becomes so angry that he steals Pauline and goes through and elevator. Mario looks back and see's his wind-up buddies, lightbulb! I don't know why Donkey Kong was around a people audience but that's besides the point...

This is the part where you start yourself! So in the levels have to move your stylist across the Mini Mario to move it. It may sound easy now but it gets hard, trust me. To stop the Mini Mario just tap it, and to move more than one Mini Mario you move your stylist across all of them. Also there are pink blocks that you can remove and transfer it to another pink block space. Oh, and did I mention that there is a multiplayer mode? There is a multiplayer mode, and you can also share someone the demo of the game, cool right?

Am I done? Nope, there is also a level creator! You can put blocks, platforms, water, and Mini Marios' anywhere you want to! Plus later in the game you can unlock Mini Toads, Mini Peaches, and other mini Mario characters. Even after all that there is a Wi-Fi mode where you can share your levels and download other shared levels. There are some cool levels somewhere out in the world...

Is it revolutionary? Not exactly. Is it worth buying? Yes it is. This game is not the best, but it's pretty good, and it's worth playing.