Mario and DK make some wind-up toys and begin their old rivalry again.

User Rating: 8.5 | Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis DS
It's time for the Mario VS. Donkey Kong 2 March of the Minis Review. For the DS.

This is my first Mario VS Donkey Kong game. I could tell this game was a sequel to some game because it was called Mario VS. Donkey Kong 2. Obviously.

This game brought back the rivalry that Mario and DK had back in the NES days with the game Donkey Kong. Mario was climbing up platforms to reach Pauline. Not Peach. This game brings back the rivalry. And I thought that DK was the good guy!

The story is about Mario sponsoring the opening of an amusement park, Super Mini-Mario World. Pauline is the guest of honor, and DK is in the audience. How do they let DK in the audience? He's a MONKEY! I'm pretty sure there aren't supposed to be animals in parks, right? Anyway, DK falls in love with Pauline and shows off his Mini DK toy to her, while at the same time Mario shows off his Mini-Mario. Pauline chooses the Mini Mario, which makes DK furious, and he kidnaps Pauline. Not Peach. Man, DK is insecure! DK, you gotta learn that you have to get your heart broken sometime! Mario trys to chase DK, but DK goes into an elevator, and you can't chase him now. Luckilly, you have the Marios which will help you get Pauline back. This is how far I will get in the story.

This game is a puzzle game. You have the Mini Marios in a stage, and you have to get the minis to the finish in the least amount of item and getting a good score. There are different obstacles, such as enemies, water, etc. To win a level, you have to get at least 1 Mini in, but if you lose Minis then you won't get as much points. After you beat every level in a world, you get to fight DK. Well not really. You have to fire the Minis at DK, but he has some obstacles to prevent you from hitting him, and there is a different way to defeat him everytime. The game is a lot of fun deciding which way to go and getting a lot of points. If you spell out the word Mini Mario, you get a minigame. Also, you are judged on how you did, by bronze, silver, or gold star.

Was that the whole review? No! The publishers included a Level Editor for us to make our own stages! And your not limited in content, so that's always appreciated. You can also put your stages and download user-made stages on Nintendo Wi-Fi! That makes the Level Editor even better, since you can download user-made content. Of course you can download courses from players with DS to DS wirelessly.

Mario VS. Donkey Kong 2 is a fun game. If you liked the original Donkey Kong, well I can't really say to recommend it, but try it out. Same thing for the rest of you players.