Gamecube's, Super Mario Strikers was better. This game is too easy to play and more about power ups, less about soccer.

User Rating: 6.5 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII
The game set up is simple and it is easy to beat. There are new characters featured in this version, including Baby Bowser. Mario Strikers Charged also has expanded its team selection, as you can have one player of each kind. It is also easy to score- too easy. The game is more about power ups and explosion than the sport of soccer. Moving around the field is cheap and it is more difficult to use items. It doesnt even use an actual soccer ball, which was used in the previous game. In this game it is too easy for each side to score, and it takes no skill at all to play. Mario Strikers Charged ws a mistake, and the original Game cube version is by far superior. If you are looking for a mario soccer game, I highly advise buying super mario strikers for game cube. Much nicer than this version.