The best Spin-off to the Mario series.A Great game to play with your mates!

User Rating: 10 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII
This game is really fun,to both Football fans,and non-Football fans.I've always liked the Mario Spin-offs,but to me,this has to be the best.
The controls are simple and easy to learn,the online is packed with people waiting for a match,and you'll see all your favourite people and creatues from the Mario series,all in great detail and has unique moves.
The first thing you'd want to do is go onto the 'Strikers ABC' section.This gives you help with the game's control,and it won't take long until that happens.
Next,you could choose either Domination mode or 'The Road to the Striker Cup' mode.
Domination is basically an Exhibition match in which up to 4 people can play either on a team or Head-to-Head.There are lots of customizable rules and features,not to mention the cheats which you unlock by completing challenges.
The Road to the Striker Cup is a short and sweet story mode in which you compete in 3 different tournaments,the Fire Cup,the Crystal Cup,and the much-wanted Striker Cup.You pick a team of 1 captain and 3 sidekicks to play through the tourneys,but rememer to choose wisely,you can't change your squad once you've confirmed start with a type of point-collecting phase until a few matches,then,if you qualify,you reach the knock-out stages.In the final,you must achieve 2 wins before your opponent to win the Cup.You can choose to either make the game hard all the way through,or start off easy,then make it gradually get harder.
The Online really makes this game shine.If you have Wi-Fi connection on your Wii,you can access the online mode.First,you pick a Mii to use as your ID,then you can get ready to play a match.
Friendlly matches are just for fun,no real pressure in these matches,but to play a friendly match,you must first enter a friend code of another player.
Ranked is where you'll see all the best people at Mario Strikers,and possibly play against them.The top striker is shown at the main online screen.When your about to join a match,it will show the connection to the 2 Wii's.4 Stars=Perfect connection.3 Stars=Good connection.2 Stars=Not a good connection,but is still in a playable state.1 Star=Unplayable.You get points by scoring,winning and getting a draw.If you do good enough,maybe you could be the Top Striker!
Overall,This game is a must-buy!My top Wii game!