Aw man, did I have some good times with this game!

User Rating: 9.7 | Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey, Jr. N64
Gameplay-This was a classic game for me in the old N64 days,I loved it.It was a feel good game with easy arcade style controls, awesome pitching, easy batting, and just flat out fun baseball.You dont even need to worry about what teams you are playing with because you are too busy having a great time.It was just so...,wait a second,"tear", was just so memorable.

Graphics-They werent that great, but what was really cool, was how well the fields and characters were designed for the time.What was really funny was how 100 people in the game had the same exact batting stances, and when you would hit a home run, the camera would kinda zoom over the ball as it was going over the fence so it looked like it was dipping down.Aw man, good freakin times.

Sound-It brings back memories when I first heard Ken Griffey going, "Hi, Im Ken Griffey Jr., lets play Major League Baseball".And the every once and a while "Hey, can I get a hotdog over here" from some guy in the stands.The same cheering track over and over and over again.The sound effects were OK with the bats and the gloves were OK and there was no announcing but its memorable things like that that make a great feel good game like this one.

Value-I really would not see anyone caring about this game, but me and Shickman liked it,lol

Call me, Call me, Call me Jr.
Call me, Call me, Call me Jr.