Simply fantastic

User Rating: 8.8 | Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey, Jr. N64
As a young baseball fan, I dont think any game siphoned as much as my time as Griffey did back in the early (and late) days of the Nintendo 64. Where to start? The game it seems is just oozing with adictiveness. The commentary was spot on, the graphics are clean (Notice that during blow outs the crowd slowly leaves, and during tight games they really start to rock) and the sound is fantastic.

However, one thing that truly sticks out for Griffey is the batter-pitcher interface. I dont think another game out there truly matches the feel of pitching and batting, especially in multiplay. Tuned to higher difficulties the cursor disappears and it becomes essential to know where the outfielders are playing, the infield alignment, and the pitcher's favored pitch. Simply put, it was challeninging and realistic.

The batter cursor was truly innovative (Maybe that is to strong of a word) but for greats like Tony Gwyn or Griffey, the cursors were much bigger than those of say, Cal Ripken, which realistically made those batters eerily similar to there real selves.

There is plenty else to go on about: the fantasty draft (To this day I havent found a game that matches that experience like Griffey does), the crowds and stadiums, the batters and pitchers; their emotions in particular.

Sadly, Griffey doesnt include a sim option, so you'll be forced to play every single game which makes playing a season a **** but you can tune the game to a pennant race which makes playing more managable.

I loved this game. Perhaps it was because while I was playing baseball outside I could run inside and play a game that was just as challening and rewarding. If you have an N64, and love baseball, buy this game.