it is kind of lame.

User Rating: 6 | Madden NFL 08 X360
let me just say that i would rather play football than wach some guy one up and down a field. this is not what i would hope for first of all you cant make your on team any more. and thats the only thing that i liked about football. so i just gave it to my grampa. thats right my grampa plays football games, never said he was good but he plays them. i pretty much just like this game cause i like beating my friends over and over. so if you have some friends than get this game smock them.

let me just say that i am more of a rpg and fast pasted gamer. so this is me just reviewing this game cause i got this a couple of chrimas ago, so it not like i am just dissing you football fans cause if you like these kind of games than good for you.

pros fun with a friends.

cons kind of boring.

so all in all you get at your on risk.