Erm.... This is the GBA game but on DS.

User Rating: 5 | DreamWorks Madagascar DS
Got this waaaaaay back in 2005(along with Pac-Pix), & I am really bored of it. I mean, this is basically the GBA version, but on the DS with touch screen controls. You move around collecting coins & killing enemies & avoiding crap. But, as you progress, you unlock all the characters for play, & some more levels. Some of which are stealth levels, platforming levels & only TWO minigames(i think), in which you are the penguin dude, & you have to catch the fish the other penguin dudes throw you & the 2nd is that your the giraffe & the foosa try to kill you, but you have to tap the drums in time to kill them. I just completed the game in a few days, although i got somewhat like 78%. Oh, & there is another mode called challenge, in which you are taken to a level, & you have to beat the record the characters(CPU?)give you. Overall, its just not fun to play.

You can unlock the characters for play.
So identical to the GBA version
Can make you feel bored
Too easy
Can't unlock the penguin dudes T_T
Only TWO minigames