Pretty and attractive like a blond but at least you can have fun playing with a blond

User Rating: 3.5 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition X360
Should of bin good, but wasn't! A major disappointment. if it was free id play it!

The game lacks the enjoyment of other popular games like gears of war, rainbow 6. i find my self playing Hexic HD more than lost planet, i don't understand how people can say this is like the old school games but better, this lacks what old school games had, which was enjoyment to play and never lasting play time. Maybe if there was some actual decent game play, not just some stupid Japanese,robot thing which does nothing, accept dies on you when u need it most cause theres no thermal energry arround. Though i did enjoyign running around as a guy, and how the crosshair moved was pretty cool. that is really all i can say, if you got money to waste then buy it.