Disappointment Level x99

User Rating: 2 | Lost Planet 3 PC
I was a huge fan of lost planet series , once i saw steam release the pre purchase for lost planet 3, i just go for it without check on anything.(Actually greedy for the pre purchase reward).

So i start it go thru the Multiplayer first it is quite fun although people fly over around due to the internet ping which is still tolerable i played 5 hour at level 13. The next day i start it all gone the Mp just reset, everyone is fine i am the first one who post it on the steam discussion with the pic but no reply WTF ?Nevermind than i still have my SP ,play around 10 hour start to like it that notice a major bug that stop everything . I shoot my wrench and zip over the moment i turn back the zipline gone , just gone like that so i stuck there forever JESUS CHRIST i an really piss off by this piece of CRAP . I swear from onwards i wouldn't pre purchase any game for CRAPCOM and will not buy any game make by SPARK UNLIMITED .

Seriously did they ever test the game ?