If you're looking for something challenging, Lord of Arcana is just for you!!

User Rating: 8 | Lord of Arcana PSP
This game fairly reaches my expectations since it's from Square Enix.
Overall graphics are smooth and the battle is somewhat repetitive.
Furthermore, the difficulty level is hard, and I don't know why you can't choose different difficulties.
Also, the game-play is interesting at first, where you start out by creating your own character. Basic story outline is pretty clever, where you get to play a powerful character and then start from scratch.
I'd have to say this game is addictive, but only recommended to hardcore gamers.
It is important to know the enemies' moves in order to attack them without getting hit, and I assure you it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to not get hit.

Equipments are pretty shiny and extravagant compared to other action games.

Don't forget to save your potions for the last. YOUR GONNA NEED IT!!