Read why this game deserves more than 4.5

User Rating: 7.5 | Lord of Arcana PSP
Ok so your wondering weather, that the 4.5 review is true, is it better than monster hunter, is it worth getting. My opinion is an 7.5. Simply because the game has pure style in it. Compared to monster Hunter it's not as heavily developed, or has more things to do than just hunting, but this is a game that you should at least check out, and could be better than Monter Hunter depending on your opinion.

Ok so your wondering what the gameplay is like, well lets say that its a class between Final fantasy XII and Monster Hunter. Mostly because of the system which is used to interact with enemies. Basically, You and your enemies can be in one part of the map (The whole map is split into different areas) and you approch them, but instead of just fighting them head on like MH, the whole screen flashes up and you go into a scene where your in this huge circle area like FF games. You defeat the monter and when you do the drop items depending on how you finish them off like special finishes or just hacking at them while locking off, these depend on how maany items you get and what you get sometimes. But luckily if you dont want to fight in the battle for some reason or the heat of battle is too much and your dying (Drake Shades -_-... You'll know what i mean if you have or are getting the game) then you can escape by walking continuously in the direction of the edge of the circle, a bar come up and you will need to avoid getting hit for a a bit while the bar fills up to escape. But when you fight and your a begginner don't let your gaurd down to some of the field enemies because they are stronger than you thing, just like FF nenemies will be a challenge if you dont use a bit of tactics, the game gets a score for not being able to button mash, if you do the enemy will firm it and attack you at the same time, sometimes knocking you off your feet. You can also use various magic attacks which can be useful against a lot of enemies. After some hunting... and hunting you will complete your objective you will clear the quest with some goodies in your bag to take back the villege.

Story, story, story mode lets say that the story mode isn't anything special, but is set to a standard quality which will makes you feel that your fighting for a reason. So i guess it starts off with you, a powerful warrior who is in a dragon hunt. I was a bit confused by the story so all that i know that happened next is that you have sacrificed your strength and powers to go to an island to train and find pieces of an object called the arcana that a one powerful king possessed and well, i'm guessing to become the 'lord of Arcana' is the goal or something like that, when you get to the villege after things happen you encounter people there and they show you, give you and teach you things that you'll need to begin your carear. Thankfuly the villege isn't completely lifeless. As you proggress through the game new events happen with contain some light hearted comedy and tradigys. and they are always on the move so they dont just stay in the same place or position every chapter for the whole game which is good, but won't really gain peoples interest if you dont care about these sort of things but it keeps things a bit lively. i think that if they focused more on the story than this game would deserve an 9.0 from me and an 7.5 from Gamespot, simply because of the theme it has a great potential to have a good story and has more than enough villege characters to do so. i mean i know that it is a deeply-traditional Monter Hunting game so it's obvious that they wouldn't focus on story, but com'on it's Square Enix that could have easily made a great story out of this. But even so the story isn't bad, it just isn't emphisised fully most of the time.

This is where the game shines partly next to costimization. They are greatly emphisised with their over-the-top personality to add in some extreamness with tactics that can catch you off gaurd if you not carefull, but it can feel relieving when you finaly beat them with tactics that you need to beat them, or just realived that its over, depending on your skill level and howw long it takes you to defeat it. The bosses can be hard and you might die-and-retry for some bosses but don't worry, the level up capabilities mean that even if you die you will keep your experience and items so you will be prepared for you next encounter. Some bosses can be annoying Takekazuchi i think he was called, he shinks you into a tiny version of yourself and there is a an electric energy source that you must hit to return to your normal state, but dont worry heres a personal tip just before he does it use a dodge and he will miss and feint. This is a tricky move but it is effective.

As you will know Square Enix made the this game and they have references included from FF like Buhumut, Lich and so on which makes the game feel all Final Fantasy related which could encourage Final Fantasy fans to play just to see there favourite summons. (even though the game isn't obviously FULL of references like that)

THIS my fellow gamers is the reward of the game Kill, Build, weild and wear your kills, this is the greatist part of the game. There are so many different materials to collect and build, it's a great motivation if you love games for this. As square Enix are they have created the most interesting, creative and good looking costumes and weapons i've ever seen in Monster Hunting game, and to kill enemies with special move sequencences in those costumes and weapons is a delight to watch (Especially bosses). They take up your time which is good so if your not hunting you can be in the villige experimenting on creating new clothing. Although through the main course of the game this won't be happening all the time consistantly but be paitient, with every quest you complete there will be something new waiting for you, like new potions or magic cards and so forth. So remenber to collect in battle. Also whn you level up you can increase the strength of your attacts, as well as learning new moves to add to your arsenal and edit to what suits your fighting style. This keeps you engaged and gives you new ways to fight without things getting repetitive. Also you have a hand full of different types weapons to choose from like one-handed swords to great swords to Gun spears e.t.c But beware some of the weopons are quite unbalanced and not fun to use after the first level so some weapons you will be really bad with but some you will be amazing with, but don't fear over time you will discover new tactics and learn to use other weapons prehaps when you get bored with the weapon you are already using, I normally use swords and great swords but i've made a third character that i'm using a Gun Lance with it's fun buuuuut, you cant do normal finishing sequences with it so thats a letdown. Still, i've got my other profiles and am doing good with them.

Well thats it. In my opinion it quite amazing how this got such a low score from some critics this is an amazing game wich just needs to be cleaned around the edges and have a bit more purpose, over than that this game is reccommended to people who are patiant and can take their battles smoothly and not hastely. This is a suprisingly long game with so much to mooch off of that you will have no problem playing multiplayer with your friends with the DLC packs that came out which is said in the booklet and supposive Adhoc- online which was said in the interview with one of the makers of this brilliant Monster Hunting game. It's best to play the demo that will determine weather you will like the game or not, but the game in general is not as bad as the critics say, everyone has their own views and opinions and this is a game where you will just have to experience that for yourself...