Great Party Goer

User Rating: 7.5 | Lips X360
Lips is an ideal game for any party the Wireless Mics are superb and light up differently for each player and also act as motion sensors for clapping scoring higher points and pulling some moves.
Lips offers you a selecdtion of 40 songs included with the disc but the option to go online and download additional songs. However the song choice is not up to dat eand more of a back catalogue of number one hits with no option to download other songs but it is still fun none the less.
The singing parts are emensley fun if playing with others I recommend this unless you just fancy singing yourself. The system recognises your voice tune pitch and accuracy for timing and words and scores you on this the higher the score the better the ranking. The variety of songs allows for different voices.
You can also hook up your Ipod or other devices to the system.
If you are online with the Xbox you can also make it to the daily leader board for that song but you gotta be good in all Lips is an essential part for the xbox if you have your mates around as the interaction is good everyone gets singing and the competition can get fierce. So for a good party time I would recommend.