Totally cool mic. Great in game features that may be let down by lack of variety of tunes for some people's taste.

User Rating: 7 | Lips X360
After the much dissapointing Xbox Music Mixer for the first generation Xbox I was sceptical at best on how Microsoft would fair in this next effort. I am happy to say that for the most part they have got a hit here... but... not without faults. Firstly the selection of songs is always going to be the selling point no matter what the game is like. It's a strange mix indeed. From "The Police" to "John Farnham" (AUS only) and then on to "Bust a Move" and back to "Umbrella" with Rihanna.

40 tracks most with video clips. The DLC's available total more than 110 songs ranging from Dean Martin (yep) to Lady Ga Ga. But you know that you're never gonna have enough tracks unless Microsoft crack a deal with one of the big music companies.

The game itself is kinda fun. You get points on keeping in tune, rhythm and bonus points for soprano. You can also get points for waving the mic around (like an idiot!). Speaking of the mic. If you purchased the packaged version of this game you get 2 very cool mics that are wireless and feature flashing LED displays that sync in time with the music (among other things). It has to be said that the MICs are probably the biggest selling feature of Lips. I was so impressed with these compared to other Karaoke games offerings on the market.

40 tracks with the option to download more or buy Lips #1 hits and get 40 more tracks that are usable with the mics as well. I didn't think I'd have fun with this but once I found Nirvana's In Bloom on the list I cracked that sucker open and had a ball.

One to suck the babes into playing! LOL